Improved Initiative

by Magma Dragon

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The onslaught continues! Follow us into battle!


released November 4, 2013

Words and music by Magma Dragon.




Magma Dragon Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We make metal music about swords, dragons, wizards, heroes and conquering armies. Shit that MATTERS. Pretty much all lyrics and song subject matter taken from epic Paizo Pathfinder games Dan has played in or run.

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Track Name: Breastplate of Inspiring Command
Marching towards our battlefield
Our banners flying high in the wind
We mount on our glorious steeds
The evening's lass still fresh in our minds

We carry on today
We bring our steel to the emperor, he'll pay

Fighting onward we ride into the morning sun
Battle on into the raging sea of steel, the quest carries on
The dragons shall fly... again

We try to forget why were here
The pain and the anguish we choose not to feel
the scars on our face, a story to tell
A flagon of ale would bring peace from this hell.

We carry on today
We bring our steel to the emperor, he'll pay


Sword and axe
Blood on shields
For our glory
We'll never yield


Our fate is in our hands
Mystical armor inspiring command
Track Name: City Rogue
In devil-haunted Cheliax
On forgotten streets of Westcrown
From shadow to shadow
She moves without a sound

There's another contract out
Another man must die
No time for politics
Or ever asking "why?"

The legend of the darkness
The shimmer in candlelight
The blade that strikes the heart of
Fear into the night

She's watching out forever
For a moment to strike you down
She'll spill that royal blood
Increasing her renown

On the cobblestones
Of forgotten alleyways
The city seems to mourn
For the past, and better days

But the velvet dark
It suits her purpose fine
Gives her confidence
And clouds enemies' minds


Believer, deceiver, she tries to cover up her tracks
Whispering, deterring, her opponents' minds are weak

Now, tonight,
I kept my word
Will you do the same?

I swear
Contracts fulfilled
on the edge of my blade

Shadow to shadow
Blood to blood
Shadow to shadow
Avoid the coming flood
Track Name: Chaotic Evil Outsider
So here I am
Passed all the tests
Come to study
At the feet of Nethys
God of magic
God of the arcane
Keeper of secret lore
Both sacred and profane

"Come with me, my son."
The headmaster says
"Such things await you here;
Ancient eldritch secrets."
At all the books around
I gazed eagerly
Spellbooks, grimoires
and bestiaries

(Now, mortal, did you think it would be easy?)

Did I think it would end with this
Now so much I regret
The price paid for negligence
I am trapped here

So here I am
Passing all the tests
In my class
I am the very best
I earned myself the right
I was allowed
A solo summoning
I was so proud

"Come with me my son"
Professor says to me
"You must select a creature
whose mind is weak
so you can conquer it
by will alone."
But my foolish pride
Cost me my soul


(Now, mortal, you are me, I; you, you wagered all, and you lost!)

So here I am
I failed the test
Trapped in limbo
Lost and bodiless
No one can help me now
I have no form
I cannot talk
I am so alone

The demon came
When I summoned it
Stronger than
I ever imagined
If you study magic
Put aside your pride
The price for failure
You'll wish you could die.