Surprise Round

by Magma Dragon

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A mere demonstration of our might. More to come.


released March 28, 2013

Recorded at listless works in Milwaukee WI
Dave Norman - drums
Brent Leubner - bass
Mercy Skye - keys, vocals
Dan Clark - guitar, vocals

All words and music (c) 2013 Magma Dragon
Logo design by Dave "H-Bomb" Herman
Coloring by Kate Finnegan



all rights reserved


Magma Dragon Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We make metal music about swords, dragons, wizards, heroes and conquering armies. Shit that MATTERS. Pretty much all lyrics and song subject matter taken from epic Paizo Pathfinder games Dan has played in or run.

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Track Name: Bulette Blood
Guarding merchants moving 'cross the Druman plains
Little did we know the dangers lurking down below
Cracking earth and fins were warning signs

Tell the drivers; "scatter out", keep them moving on
We're drawing weapons, casting spells against a danger so great
against an apex predator

Gorum bless our swords
(The earth trembles beneath us)
Warriors evermore
(The fight is at hand)

Hoisting our standards, our steel and our might
Fight on
Striking them down, bringing peace to the night
Earth demons rising

Roaring loud, the beasts erupt up from their sprays of earth
In the darkness screams of pain and startled oaths
The captain yells to stand and fight them

Guide my horse with just my knees, my greatsword
Swings in an arc, connects, time to come around
the creature wounded now and angry


Weeks later as we're sipping ales
in Highhelm, at the dwarven throne
King Borogrim toasts the riches
that we brought to the sky citadel
Sudden noise at the iron gates,
familiar roaring, we know well
The mountanside cracks open
Bulettes have followed us, now it's time to atone

Track Name: The Old Woods Of Graczne
Be afraid
Of the plants, of the beasts, of the birds

You know that it is so
Very much worse than you have heard

From here I can hear
The hammering of your heart
We must be brave
in the face of the coming dark

The lich-queen of despair
Comes to rein over our lives here
We've got everything to fear
Trees that drink the sun
Steal your life away
You'll come to nothing good
If you live your life in the woods

You'll give yourself away!
You must be small, and quiet, like a mouse.

Be cautious as you go,
Once you're caught, you're never getting out
Track Name: Two Weeks on the Westergale
Journey away
No tracks to make, in the sea
Silently we take our secrets to the east
To the desert, to find, our fates

Fathoms to the abyss

Prophecy of ancient waters
Where we'll bow to the monarch so bold
On the Westergale
Through snow and wind and hail
We'll journey far from home

Island of death
Fates cross again in this place
Steal the jewels from off the coffin
Off the ancient queen's final place of rest


And when we are becalmed
The only waves we see
Come from the powerful steps
Of the ocean strider

We'll send her forth
The elven princess from the west
Her vision has guided us this far
And we are safe

And we are questing for the safety of the land
before we'll go home

We have oh so many miles to go
We have so many promises to keep

[chorus 2x]